Existing Systems Maintenance

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There are many running systems without proper maintenance support finally making that the client and client’s business suffering. In many occasions it is not that the software developer does not want to maintain the system but it is either he is too busy with more profitable projects or he is given with more responsibilities by his working company. In case of companies it is that the developers who have built the system have already left the company making it for new persons to takeover.

We are a team of IT experts and we provide full system maintenance for your existing system. You will not need to call for system support continuously or even beg for help. Our team is capable of fixing your system. If the system is so bad then we will at least suggest you a practical work around that will help you to live with the system.

This will not cost you anything additional. Our charge will be the same amount you paid to the existing developer.

Mobile Application Development

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Mobile devices (phones and tabs) getting popular among the business community at a faster rate than ever before. As the capabilities of these devices are improving day by day and the communication cost is coming down continuously. It is very much advisable to get the advantage of mobile devices for your business.

our mobile or Tab can be used for maintaining and controlling your existing business. This is not a costly solution. Our objective is to provide cost effective business solutions. Hence we have real cost effective solutions. You will not need to replace your existing software. You can use these in the same way you are using those now. We will get all important information on your mobile device. You can view, approve and reject documents.

Business Process Reengineering

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Many emerging businesses started as small business organizations, continue practicing the same processes though those have to be adjusted with the current level of business. Business owners concentrate more on developing the merchandising part of the business giving less priority to operational matters. When the businesses grow providing proper solutions to issues such as controlling the entire operation, inability to extract accurate information to make important decisions, slowing down of operations due to new employees taking over from resigned employees, increasing of theft or employees trying to obtain personal benefits out of company transactions etc. too become important as those can hamper the progress of emerging businesses considerably. These make unnecessary disturbances for the business owners and deviate their focus on business growth to day-to-day operational matters.

We are able to propose practical solutions for such issues with minimum process changes. Additionally these will be gradual changes that will make the business owners to feel new changes are effective. Our main objective is cost effective business solutions and we always stick to the same.