We provide full system maintenance for your existing software applications. There is no additional cost for you.

We integrate different systems to make them run as a single system. The data duplication headache will be resolved forever and all systems’ data will be up to date. You can rely on one system and make your decisions.

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Already completed fully functioning stable 6 systems to select from; a complete ERP system and another 5 systems for HR, Payroll, Vehicle monitoring, Asset management and POS.

All these systems can be run on the computers you are using now. You do not need IT experts. We will provide all necessary help for the users and we will maintain your system.

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Make your organization more competitive in the business world. Reduce unproductive time and move away from time and resource consuming costly processes.

Run your business with minimum workforce. Introduce best practices of the industry. Try moving towards IT and get the ability to monitor and control from one place.

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Monitor and control your entire business process from your mobile. View summaries, receive smses and provide instructions through your mobile. All without replacing your existing software.

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Get the Input of Professionals

We are a team of IT professionals. Each team member has industry experience over 10 years. All have overseas working experience and have managed many overseas projects locally at their previous working places.

Our top team consists of a project manager, IT business consultant, DotNet development manager, PHP development manager and an experienced software Quality Assurance person. This is the right combination of skills and experience required for handling small and medium size projects.

We are well experienced on ERP systems (functional areas finance, distribution, purchasing, sales, POS, inventory & warehousing, service, asset management, HR, payroll, manufacturing, service and apparel), web application development, mobile application development and systems integration.

While working with clients we have understood that clients who do not have much IT knowledge and experience spend on software solutions heavily making their systems very complicated. Unfortunately, that makes it very difficult for even the developers of such systems to maintain those.

Our main objective is to provide cost effective stable solutions for the small and medium size business organizations. Simply when the system is not complex and stable and if is structured well internally, the system becomes very easy to maintain. Well maintained systems are stable and have high availability.